10 Small Business Emerging Technology Trends for 2020

Technology kicked butt in 2019 from self-driving cars to smarter smartphones. 2020 is here and still, some basic technologies remain at the forefront of innovation.

  1. Security Commands the List As 2020 opens and gets underway, it is apparent that security will command the first place in the ever-thwarting technology companies are determined to fight the elusive enemy EnGarde. Hacks, theft, hostage, attacks, recovery, terrorism, and identity manipulation all make the grade for the available opportunity to be a target. Now that information is a service and product it can claim the moniker as currency in the battle for secrecy and security. The word on the street is monitoring, threat protection and response, back-up and data recovery along with password protection, identity management, and finally…proactive approaches to disaster planning. Hmmm? Just who’s in charge here?
  2. Telecommuting is hot. The growth of people working from home has jumped more than 115% in the last decade. Telecommuting is hot. Food delivery services have cornered the market using on-demand driving services. IT and social media are burgeoning businesses utilizing the talents of social media managers and every facet of industry experts like CPAs, engineers, and Internet marketers.
  3. Augmented Reality, (AR)…is second on the list of more-than useful technologies to make a presence known. Aviation, engineering, and others are using this techno-reality system to see it all happen in real-time. Dancing babies, 3D performances, and drone surveillance. The truth is that I can’t wait for 3D TV to watch the Super Bowl live and in person on my coffee table. (it could happen) …? This full-emersion experience is the thing to come for industry, business, and individual pleasure. Let’s not forget training and education, product presentations, and real estate previews without an agent on duty.
  4. Artificial Intelligence, (AI)…follows suit with virtual assisted services on demand. AI can tell you about the traffic before you ask. It knows your music preferences and food choices. It knows a lot about the world and it can be entrenched in everything that surrounds you that performs a technology service. I wonder if AI knows a little bit too much. What’s in my refrigerator? AI knows.  How long will it take for me to get to work…AI knows. Okay, let’s include The Internet of Things, (IoT). I can record my conversation with my technology smart device that tells me anything I need to know instantly.
  5. Interface Opportunity, (IO)…Just how smart do you want your smartphone to be? Well, let me tell you. It will tell you what your schedule WILL be before you need to know. It will help you interface with other technology tools for light-speed information transfer. (Methinks that homework will take a hit here). Speaking of homework. Homework will modify the user “student” into an information manipulator working transgressions the way a professional fisherman works a rod and reel.  The format and progression of technology intelligence will be transformed from processes to systems that control everything we can do and see and feel. It will conceive a plan, set forth the action, act, and deliver the results faster than a new version of anything by Microsoft needing to be patched.
  6. Everything as A Service, (EAAS)…When the machine teaches the machine to teach the machine, you’ll know we have made it. Where I’m not sure but we have arrived. Here’s where artificial intelligence and machine learning can be the boon to replacing inefficient workforces by transforming them into efficient machine-assisted forces. The gotcha comes in the form of cybersecurity crime as a paid service of the tech-underworld. Like a duck on a June bug, you’ll never see it coming until it’s too late.  
  7. Application Programming Interface, (API)…this set of routines, protocols, and tools to build software applications. This is where multiple applications are simultaneously connected and integrated to run our life-services. An API can interface hundreds of services under one roof so to speak and take the labor out of managing the daily technology tasks. Sort of like a technological program manager of sorts….who doesn’t need a coffee break or vacation.
  8. Cash in Cash Out, (CICO)…is when we go completely cashless. “No money honey”. Payments and purchases will be forever without physical exchange from now on. Several of our allies are already almost completely cashless. That comes right behind their willingness to be taxed to Mars and back to pay for social services. Small businesses will embrace fast and efficient when they want “cash flow”.
  9. Blockchain Applications. (BCA)…Blockchain is like a technology slinky. It is one piece that stretches, bends remain flexible and can extend far beyond its general structure. That mumbo-jumbo all means that it is and will be a pretty cool means to be a user-friendly info-data source and resource information. By storing data across its network, the blockchain eliminates the risks that come with data being held centrally. Pretty Kool, huh?
  10. Big Data for SMB’s (BDSMB)…Whoever said a mouse can’t roar knows nothing about big data applications for small businesses. The casual SMB now has a resource in big data use to drive their innovative performance and growth opportunity right next to the big guys. Be small and look big makes the consumer know, like, and trust when connecting with customers and driving sales.

Summing it all up.

We welcome emerging technology while we risk security and anonymity though we are dominated by technology. The growth in cyber liability becomes a greater risk as usefulness is willfully integrated into our daily techno-lives. Technology pulls us closer and separates us simultaneously. Fulfillment and social interaction will drive the tech need and productivity will increase faster than a toupee in a hurricane. To harness the beast, there needs to be a complete and total alignment of thought processes and like-mindedness. 2020 will likely be the year of digital transformation for us all.

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