7- Steps to Achieve Absolute Success

Can you see yourself as a success?

By Dr. Mark Zupo

The definition of success is one that is determined by the person who achieves a goal in one form or another. It is different for everyone. Money, fame, celebrity, acknowledgment, control, or freedom. Each or all fulfill the ego for personal mastery or accomplishment. Some of us make it “big” and some of us go quietly with our success tucked quietly into our smile.

At the heart of most success is entrepreneurship in one form or another. Even when employed by another, we can still realize some form of success though we may not control the use or value. The skills and knowledge are the bas for what we achieve regardless if we directly profit from it. However, entrepreneurs choose to profit from their effort directly. The degree of profit is usually the reward directly related to the risk and effort. Entrepreneurs savor the risk to reap the reward. That’s real success.

Failure is the mother of success.

Entrepreneurs fail often. Entrepreneurs succeed often as well. The pursuit is part of the process to savor the reward when achieved. So, what to do? Do we expect to fail considering the possible achievement? Do we forge ahead regardless of the risk? The answers are forged in choice. The lesson is in what choice.

To get started on your path of success we have put together seven ultimate and helpful steps to achieve success, whatever that means to you the entrepreneur.  These 7-steps are offered with the assumption that your knowledge is aligned with your expectations and your experience is aligned with your skills…and some previous insight into online business and basic relationship-building entrepreneurship.

  1. The primary opportunity to earn from your efforts is to find a problem and develop a solution and then offer it to those in need. Become a problem-solver.
  2. There is nothing you can’t do if you say you can do it. No matter your beginnings, culture, religion, ethnicity or culture, if you drive your efforts by focus and attention and resolve, there is nothing you can not do that someone else has already done. You control your success.
  3. If you dream, then dream big. It takes no more energy to dream big than to dream at all. Think big and go big or go home. Always want the best and expect more. No matter what you achieve, it will satisfy the thirst for bigger, better and more. Then be grateful for what you have and share the excess.
  4. Have no regrets. Act now. Do not wait. Time is fleeting and a precious commodity. You get the same amount as everyone else but how you use it is the key to your success. If success was easy, then it would not be the sought-after prize that everyone else wants. Make it happen.
  5. Give yourself permission to fail and to win. Surround yourself with positive and supportive people. You control your attitude and your success. Achieving success is a right not a privilege. You have the right to be successful. Take it and run with it. Successful people earn the right by acting.
  6. If you are not growing you are dying. Reach out and stretch yourself in every way. Set an agenda and work to surpass it’ goals. It is not a sin to be rich, wealthy, influential and a celebrity. Wealth give you more opportunity to share and help others. Generosity and humility are the traits of a super-success.
  7. Cast fear in the pit of useless traits that you never need again. You are as good or better than others of your kind. There is no scarcity of money only scarcity of a commanding mindset. There is no scarcity of freedom, abundance and opportunity. The possibilities are endless and easily obtained but only for the asking.

My final comments regarding your success is that your success is determined by you. Not anyone else. Ask for more and expect more. Savor what you have earned and share what you learned. Generosity supports humility and respect support trust.

You have the right to be great and have permission to exercise your rights.

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Dr. Mark Zupo
Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur


DR. Mark Zupo is a dynamic mentor and one of the world's top Internet entrepreneurial and marketing coaches thanks to his "Multiple Streams Mastery Program," which reveals passive, online membership businesses. Mark is also an American author and has written more than 23 books on motivation, leadership, and personal development. Dr. Mark now teaches the use of digital tools to help generate personal independence based on one's personal experience, expertise, and passions.