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How to Build a Profitable Digital Empire with a Micro-Membership and Just 100 Members!

The Magic of 100!

How to Build a Profitable Digital Empire
with a Micro-Membership and Just 100 Members!

Section 1 - Building Your Magic-100 list of
True Fans and Loyal Customers!

        As you’ve probably guessed by now, I love the number 100. Let me show you how it came to be my favorite. There is something that I learned from a friend in the past number of years. It is the benefits of a “Micro-membership” site and just 100 members. Check it out here…Multiple Streams Mastery.

I never expected to see the results that I did until I started my own “Micro-membership” site. But…I started with one and with just 100 members. This is the magic of 100.

If you're working and you're trading dollars for hours, then what you need to do is trade expertise and experience for payment. Another Kool concept.

 There's quite a bit of a difference between the two, respectfully. The number of people that you can touch in a day is exponentially related to the amount of money that you can make in the same day. It is also how much work is involved that determines how you'll make it.

As an example, if you talk with 25 people in a day and it's taken you eight hours to indirectly touch 25 people in a day, then you've wasted eight hours a day talking to someone when none of them have handed you a check or given you money.

When I engage with 25 people a day,
every single one of them sends me money!

So, what is a Micro-membership site?

       It can be a huge and simple platform for you to teach other people with your own knowledge, experience, expertise, passions, and skills. It can be profitable, somewhat passive, recurring and engaging. It can be done with only 100 members.

Here are some of the benefits of a Micro-membership site:

  1. You get paid repeatedly
  2. You can start with truly little content
  3. It only requires a little maintenance
  4. There are very few support issues
  5. It can be in your preferred niche
  6. It usually has a long retention rate

What is possible to make from your Micro-membership site?

Let’s just look at members at only $10 a month:

Ø   10 members @ $10 per month    =     $100

Ø   50 members @ $10 per month    =     $500

Ø   100 members @ $10 per month =      $1,000

Ø   500 members @ $10 per month =      $5,000

Ø   1,000 members @ $10 per month = $10,000

…every month!

       Now imagine bigger numbers!

100 people?
1,000 people?
how about 10,000 people?

How about increasing the monthly fee? $29? / $49? / $79?

$100 a month?

       Now up your price for personal training to $5,000, $10,000, or even $50,000 a client! It is being done every day and can be done every day. If I can imagine it then I can do it! See how I do it here. Get the exclusive training before it goes away.
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Section 2 Developing Your Niche Product that
Drives Your Digital Empire!

Do some more math to get even more excited.
Imagine 50 people paying you for specialized, personal mentoring or training. Whatever your product is.

10 people X $2,500 equals $25,000
25 people X $5,000 equals $125,000!
50 people X $10,000 equals $500,000!  

100 people X $25,000 equals $2,500,000!

BETTER YET - imagine that you charge $5,000 or $10,000 or $25,000 for a single training seminar that lasts for only 3-days or 5-days or 7-days!

In an exotic location!

Imagine that only 50 people come.

That’s 50 X $5,000         = $250,000 in a weekend!
That’s 50 X $10,000       = $500,000 in a weekend!
That’s 50 X $25,000       = $1,250,000 in a weekend!

       Again, it is done every day, and every week. Even from people that suck at sales. Even from people that suck at training. Even from people that barely know what they’re doing.

       Play with the numbers, divide, multiply and add it all up. Do this even if you suck at everything! It can work. It does work. How hard do you think it would be to find 100 people out of a billion to play along?


Do it. DO IT!


                             …and again…and again!


Section 3 Scaling Your Digital Business to
High-Ticket Recurring Income!

Example -

If I talk to 2,500 people a day, all of whom pay me automatically from their credit card, month after month, I earn 2,500 X whatever they are paying me each.  (as an example - $97 a month X 2,500 = $242,500! A MONTH!

Some stay, most stay, and some go. And they're replaced just as quickly as they go. I'm not worried about losing that monthly income because it's always replaced one way or another once you've established your value with those customers.

Example -

If I talk to 1,500 people a day, all of whom pay me automatically from their credit card, month after month, I earn 1,500 X whatever they are paying me each.  (as an example - $47 a month X 1,500 = $70,500! A MONTH!

Example -

If I talk to 500 people a day, all of whom pay me automatically from their credit card, month after month, I earn 500 X whatever they are paying me each.  (as an example - $29 a month X 500 = $14,500! A MONTH!

Okay, you get it right?

Example -

If I talk to 100 people a day, all of whom pay me automatically from their credit card, month after month, I earn 100 X whatever they are paying me each. (as an example - $17 a month X 100 = $1700! A MONTH!

Could you use an extra $1,700 a month???????

Hell yeah! Everyone could.

  1. …Some statistics for you.
  2. There are 7.594 billion people on the Earth.
  3. There are 3.57 billion people online              right now.
  4. There are 2.45 billion people on Facebook     right now.
  5. There are 500 million people on Instagram    right now.
  6. There are 335 million people on Pinterest      right now.
  7. There are 145 million people on Twitter         right now.
  8. There are 1,300,000,000 YouTube users            right now.

There are 3.9 billion people on Social Media right now.

Let’s get a little crazy now…


100 X? $ / A Month = $0.00?

I’ve always been pretty straight forward with people when it comes to acting. I don’t accept excuses. Ever. A lot of my formal training was as a commercial pilot. I refer to aviation a great deal because it fits almost every situation well.

In aviation, there are a few rules. They are steadfast and finite. When we sway from them people get hurt and equipment get damaged. There is a checklist for EVERYTHING! Follow the checklist and everything goes smoothly. Sway from the checklist and... well, you know.

In aviation, there are four real rules that govern everything.
They are:

Planning eliminates the opportunity for most problems before they happen.

Problems that come up require a solution

Decisions are required to find solutions

Actions result in decision-making that solves problems...immediately.

As a highly trained individual, I always follow those rules as a part of everything I do. And guess what, so do you even if you don’t think so. To a degree anyway.

        Almost all the world’s highest-trained professionals are also the most successful in their field. They train, train, plan, train, practice, and train some more. They all start learning about their passion when young and are willing to absorb everything about it. You can bet that the most highly trained people know their strengths and weaknesses and do what it takes to use them or defeat them. Get the exclusive training now! Check it out here.

When creativity, passion, belief, and action come together, nothing can stop someone from being successful, whatever success means to them.

The MATH Behind My Success...90 % Perseverance + 10% Inspiration

Make it happen!

Dr. Mark Zupo


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DR. Mark Zupo is a dynamic mentor and one of the world's top Internet entrepreneurial and marketing coaches thanks to his "Multiple Streams Mastery Program," which reveals passive, online membership businesses. Mark is also an American author and has written more than 23 books on motivation, leadership, and personal development. Dr. Mark now teaches the use of digital tools to help generate personal independence based on one's personal experience, expertise, and passions.