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Hi, I am Dr. Mark Zupo. Below you can read about me and my...          "FAILURE RESUME".

Why a Single Decision...
Changed My Life Forever!

         "...The secrets are lessons learned, humility, adversity forgiven and passions followed and an unstoppable resolve".
- Dr. Mark Zupo

How I Failed All The Way to the Top!

    - Excerpt from the book - From Mess to Success by Mark Zupo .  

    "The most remembered people on the planet are famous for their success and not recognized for their failures. Compared to those of us who are insignificant in the world and without recognition for our individual contributions to humanity, we long to admire the successes of others above our own.
    There is no-one better suited to talk about our individual success than us because there is no-one more knowledgeable about who we are and what we have achieved...and how we have failed...than ourselves. To overlook our failures is a shame because it has been the mold for our character and value to others for their admiration and yet we are more recognized for our failures than our successes.
    Let my story of failure and success and triumph over tragedy be a bright light in your quest for success because it examines the fallibility of us as well as the strength of our resolve to overcome and champion the cause for our personal success".

    My mother and father divorced when I was 6 and he died when I was 10. My mother got remarried a few years later to a "farmer" who lived 35 miles away in, what seemed like  the middle of nowhere. I use the term farmer loosely. It was a place with a barn and a few dilapidated buildings that served for storage for the huge collection of tools and trash found at the dump. That's because...we lived at the dump. 

    We lived on a farm / garbage dump with animals like horses in the pasture, cows in the front yard, chickens bandying about, a few pigs and believe it or not, peacocks. I am not sure how the peacocks got there but I expect that they appeared as did many dogs and cats that found their way to our "farm". The farm was the primary source for income for many years, before I got there, as people would bring their trash there to dump because it were far from town. Then, one day, my new step-father decided that we would charge for dumping and our new business was born. We purchased garbage trucks and hired garbage collectors and bid on collection services from local communities until we had a full-fledged garbage business. The one problem was that any high-school kid who lives at a dump is subject to the harshest personal criticism and social torture that one can imagine. 

    Yes, I was called every name in the book and bore the stigma of
    being a resident of the dump.

    The garbage business was profitable and we always had the farm as a backup for food and such and we lived okay for the time, although there was no getting around living at a garbage dump and the stigma that would follow me for years.

    I failed at most everything I attempted because my confidence was never lower as when I left home. There were unspoken truths during that time of being unsettled that involved priests, teachers and guardians. to be blunt, I was molested by a priest, sexually abused by a teacher and mentally abused by a guardian. To cap off the best of conditions, I grew up at a garbage dump! What better example of failure can one young boy endure? There is more...

    After leaving home, I went as far as I could go to get away from an abusive step-father, about three-thousand miles farther and jumped from the frying pan into the fire. I left the northeast and went to Miami! No place to live, didn't speak the language and was dead broke. For some reason, I thought I would go to college. Without guidance and direction, I failed. In fact, as I struggled to survive I failed at college three time over the next 10 years.

    I joke that,...
    I have been thrown out of some of the best colleges a kid could go to!"

    Sun, surf, sand, skin and enough alcohol to drown a fish. The best part was there was nobody to tell me that I couldn't have any of it and it showed in multiple forms of failure. I was an adult with all the freedoms of an adult and all of the consequences of an adult's actions. Mostly...failure. There is no better example of failure than me. But there is no better illustration of triumph over tragedy than me too. Over the next twenty years I would succeed in grandiose ways...

                                      ...and fail in even bigger ways!

    My failures include losing several jobs because I failed to show up for work, being kicked out of several colleges because I could not concentrate or comprehend the studies, entering into and out of several relationships that were questionable and unsustainable at best, being homeless more than once and losing what little money I earned to wine, women and...well...let's not go there.

    Then in 1976 I was fortunate enough to work for Mother Butler Pies in Fort Lauderdale alongside some really great people. I met people who were just like me, poor, used and abused. Among them was a now famous man who gave me a few quips of advice that has stuck with me since. It was about leveling myself and finding the inner Mark who would succeed if "he" wanted to with what "he" had. That was the start of my entrepreneurial experience that would change me and my world. He introduced me to another man that became a mentor and guided me and directed me like a mother bird teaches her baby bird how to fly. He pushed me and made me do things I didn't know I could do. 

    ...He allowed me to succeed!

    I have always had a sincere interest in aviation and pursued it as a career. I worked hard to get back into college to study aviation, to get a good job and make something of myself. Opportunity presented me with my first entrepreneurial venture and I sold and distributed Charles Potato Chips in Fort Lauderdale. I made more money in that year than I had ever seen before. I sold my interest in that business for a tidy sum, took the money, got an apartment...because I was living in my step-van and bought some new clothes. I was somebody! ...And I met someone. I met Kay. It was a tough job but she would help bring me to adulthood. We struggled but did as well as anyone could under the circumstances. I had no education so finding gainful employment was not easy. While trying to attend college at night and on weekends, working a dangerous job and raising two kids was a challenge, it worked out somehow. We survived.

    Kay and I had two children, Mark and Traci. We all did OK for more than 10 years until tragedy struck and we lost our son, Mark Jr., in a car accident. I was to lose Kay too to Cancer a few years later. The resulting cost of medical care was more than one-million dollars and financially ruined me. 

    **My worst failure was not protecting my income and finances better
    leaving me broke, homeless and unemployed...AGAIN!

    The losses, my wife, my son, my money, my home and my confidence were devastating but not insurmountable. The drive to succeed was even greater and I put the plan into effect get back what I lost, with the exception of my family that could not be replaced. Success came after I got my head straight, my focus back and my resolve in place. I became an entrepreneur again starting one of two businesses that would make me a generous income. I also found love again and remarried a wonderful and supportive woman. My success was founded on my life-experience and previous professional speaking experience, business-education and became the foundation for the Multiple Streams Mastery coaching program for personal development and success strategies.  

         Recognition as an industry expert, syndication in the professional coaching industry and a relationship-building anchor were crucial to rebuilding my success from ashes to a concrete purpose to serve others and serve myself as well. The popularity of personal growth and the opportunity for individuals to realize their personal growth and success helped form a dynamic and prolific program that has sustained me well and made my quite popular as a success mentor and personal friend to many thousands of people searching for their personal and individual success and recognition.

    A huge sense of empathy, relationships, concern and genuine respect for an individual's station in life were driving factors to my success. Genuine is the key word. When I was down and out there were few if any people willing to or able to help. I became shunned and excommunicated from friends and business associates that I thought were crucial to my personal success. I was wrong. I discovered that they were acquaintances instead of friends. I failed to build a relationship with them. A crucial mistake I would not repeat. The value of a relationship with the people I connected with added value, respect and a genuine lasting connection with. 

    When I was 19, I bounced a check for $2 when I attempted to buy gas. I grew up at a garbage dump, I was thrown out of my apartment, fired from my job, kicked out of school and rejected by my lover. A low point in my life that signified to the world that I was essentially worthless or like the trash I came from. Few people would have bet on my success as an individual, a mentor or a resource for other's successes. As success goes, I have made several million dollars over the years, written many books on success, motivation and leadership and have lived well, traveled well and provided or my family better than most. I have no complaints and nor do the people I have helped to do the same along the way. 

    That's Why A Single Decision Changed My Life Forever!

         I am considered uniquely capable as a mentor and guide to those that seek me out to guide then to their success because of my failures, my losses and my experience of need and want. Today, I care, I believe and I understand more than I ever have and it has built friendships, grown relationships and has been very kind to me financially. I never think of myself as a businessman but more a relationship-builder and trusted ally to those people who need me and my service as a hugely successful growth and individual success-building teacher, coach and mentor. The secrets are lessons learned, humility, adversity forgiven and passions followed and an unstoppable resolve. All this accomplished from the strength from within that I never realized I had. A never quit attitude and open mind as tools for my ultimate success. The same tools you can use to realize your success too!

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    DR. Mark Zupo is a dynamic mentor and one of the world's top Internet entrepreneurial and marketing coaches thanks to his "Multiple Streams Mastery Program," which reveals passive, online membership businesses. Mark is also an American author and has written more than 23 books on motivation, leadership, and personal development. Dr. Mark now teaches the use of digital tools to help generate personal independence based on one's personal experience, expertise, and passions.